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I enjoyed watching The Next Internet Millionaire so much I bought The Secret Classroom right as it was launching just because I learned so much from watching The Next Internet Millionaire right as the series was unfolding. It was very educational and entertaining, just how I like it. Ben Brentlinger - http://www.benbrent.com
Ben Brentlinger
Joel Comm’s understanding of social media and it’s applications for entrepreneurs and the growth of their businesses is remarkable. Beyond his knowledge, it is his ability to communicate it effectively that makes him stand apart while his humor in delivery keeps you coming back for more.
Jen Groover, The “One Woman Brand” and Founder of Butler Bag LLC
When Joel Comm speaks about anything to do with making money with the Internet, I listen. If you want to learn what you need to know for your business to profit from Twitter and other social media, you will find it here.
Chet Holmes, Business Consultant and Strategist and Author of the #1 Bestselling Business Book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine”
Jam-packed with clever ways to leverage the Jovian social-networking power of Twitter. The “Twitter as Help Desk” idea alone is a fiendishly simple revolutionary idea.
Mark Joyner, #1 Bestselling Author of “Integration Marketing” www.IntegrationMarketing.com